A Memoir of Indira Nooyi, as she calls it a day as the CEO of PepsiCo


In India, in some areas once a girl is born, it often is taken for granted that she is supposed to live her life to please others. There are some cases wherein they decide to kill her before she is born. Indira Nooyi was born in a family who fortunately didn’t believe in these atrocious practices,  They motivated her to have dreams and to follow her aspirations. They gave her equal opportunities like that of any other member.Image result for indra nooyi quits

Indra Nooyi, an American business executive, stood as the CEO of PepsiCo has consistently ranked in the Top 100 of the most powerful women. Born and brought up in Madras she earned a degree in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

She started her career with ABB and then went on to work for Johnson and Johnson; She played a major part in launching Stayfree, Johnson & Johnson’s first sanitary napkin. She had become a symbol of women empowerment by this time. However her ambitious nature pushed her forth to achieve way more than that. Hence she decided to go for a master’s degree in public and private management  from the prestigious Yale Management School in the US.

Soon she made her way to the board of directors of PepsiCo. It was her steady hard work and determination that got her to be the successor to Steve Reinemund in the year 2006.

Following this takeover and having over 2,85,000 employees working under her, Indra had ensured that she drives the company from strength to strength with her exceptional leadership skills. It was meticulous planning on her part that fostered PepsiCo’s acquisition of Tropicana and Quaker, fruit juice brands, which in turn ensured that PepsiCo’s stature as the market leader remains unhindered even in the wake of such a dynamic market.

Another thing she bought into PepsiCo was innovation; Indra was able to bring in a tinge of her childhood into the company that she worked for. This worked very well with the older generation who connected to her nostalgia and this resulted in the products selling very well.

She also bought about Pepsi Natural, a product that featured all natural products. This appealed to the younger generation who were more conscious about their health and diet. Thus, it was Indra Nooyi’s smart thinking and calculated planning which ensured that PepsiCo remain the market leaders even during the times of recession and inflation.

All those who look at Indra Nooyi’s life and feel that she is totally career oriented having no room for something else, is far from being aware of the truth. She manages her family at a commendable pace and is a proud mother of two daughters.  Apart from her interest in business she is good at art and people who are close to her claim that she has a good sense of humour.

Her strive for excellence and her grit made sure she constantly took measures to take that one extra step. She geared up and walked the extra mile to ensure that PepsiCo remains the market leader come what may.

This goes on to prove that no matter how high you rise in life or in your career, you just have to prove your calibre every working day. It is a myth that one cannot have a successful life and a happy family life at the same time. Indra Nooyi’s story is a proof of this fact.  

After having led one of the most celebrated careers of women leaders on the planet, and after 24 years of working at PepsiCo (12 years as their CEO) Nooyi has decided to call it a day and has officially resigned as CEO as of October 3, she will continue as chairperson until 2019 to ensure smooth transition of management. This announcement comes after Her departure comes amid pressure to revamp the company’s U.S. beverage business by spinning off its bottling operations or even splitting up the company.

-Mahek Bajaj


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