Self Love: The most important part of your College Survival Kit

It was during the first week of August, when I came across this thought. The thought of me being me and find a greater world within me.

As friendship’s day approached, my new circle of college friends were discussing their plans. Born with a omentality of ‘Life being a Celebration’, I didn’t count on days to celebrate. But as all of them were discussing, I joined them. “I am going out with someone” I said, smiling.

I continued, “I know the person really well but we haven’t interacted recently. The person is just like me.”

“Who’s the one?” Everyone asked.

“It’s me, myself.”

This was a joke, but it’s when I realised-

We, humans, occupy ourselves with so many things and people, that we neglect ourselves, and it greatly impacts us in negative ways. It hinders self reliance and increases dependency.

You know, there will be times when you have to make some decisions (sometimes even life changing), when you yourself have to take a path, or draw a conclusion without taking advice from others, because the person in front may know you, but not better than you know yourself.

I’m not saying stop hanging out with your circle or stop interacting with new folks; I’m just saying that it is as important to spend time with yourself as it is to spend with others. By interacting with people around you, you get to learn, you educate yourself with their experiences, you get to know how the world works.

And by interacting with yourself; you introspect, you get to know yourself, your likes/dislikes, passion, things you desire.. By doing this you’ll grow mentally, rationally, spiritually, your intuitiveness will get better.

If you think all of this is stupid, then ask yourself this question whenever you are taking a decision:

“Am I doing this because my parents/relatives/friends/peers are interested in it? Or is it because of my interest?”

The most simple way I connect with myself is by leaving my phone at home and taking a local train to any of my beloved places (Marine drive, Juhu beach are my personal favourites) or going out on a walk/ jog in the park alone.

Everyone has a different way of connecting with themselves. Some may meditate, some may walk, some may swim.

You know, the distinctiveness is all what makes us, US.

Tarun Pahuja

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