Striking a Balance Between Work and Play

I never played much cricket when I was younger, as my school was more football oriented. 

This journey started in college itself. I was a good cricketer, but me being overweight (I weighed around 106 kilos) held me back. I was selected to go to Australia to play, but for this I had to religiously diet and exercise, gyming two-three hours a day became part of my routine. 7 months later, having lost around 22kilos, I was fit to play. I had a successful tour in Australia and thus got offered to play for 4 more clubs in Bombay.
This year, I’ve been qualified to play for the Kanga League (In the “E” division). I am a professional cricketer now, and play for about 5-6 clubs. 

Balancing cricket and college was definitely not easy. We used to have matches every weekend, and some weekdays too. I remember having a match on Sunday, and a prelim the next day. I used to go for practice, then the matches, and finally sit and study in the night, despite being tired. In short, I had to study after playing for 8 hours. Thankfully it all worked out, I did well in my boards, which is why I’m in Jai Hind now. Even in Jai Hind, its been tough to balance both because I’ve had matches and papers on the same day. That being said, I’ve got a lot of support from the teachers, and our HOD, she has given me leaves whenever I’ve asked, and understood how important this is to me. 

All that aside, I really like finance, and want to start doing my CFA soon. But working for someone is not the ultimate aim. Of course, it is important to get experience, but end of the day I’d really like to have a business of my own, something very innovative, and finance related. 

I also really love reading up on current events, investing in the market, studying trends. I recently started my own blog called “QuikShorts” on Instagram. It deals with news regarding current affairs, financial markets, world news, etc. I know a lot of people who are on Instagram all day, but don’t read up on current affairs, and this is for those people to get an idea about whats going on in the world. 

I see a lot of people, my friends included, who are not allowed to follow what they feel passionate about. To a certain extent, yes, there is too much competition right now, you have to study and do well in school. My advice is, listen to your parents- but make sure you also like what you’re doing, otherwise you won’t be able to give it your best. You can still continue to do what you like as a hobby. For example, my parents never stopped me from going for the matches that were there before exam days. They said, go ahead, but make sure you come back and study properly. 
In short, it’s very important to strike a healthy balance between the two, this helps you have more of a holistic development.

-Tanay Shah

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