EQ: The Underrated Counterpart

Many leaders talk about having high IQs, and good educations, and attribute their success to these factors. What they fail to realise is, they wouldn’t be where they are without developed EQs.

EQ (Emotional Intelligence/Quotient) is the heightened awareness of others’ emotions, including your own. 

Think of this- At a certain stage in your career, everybody has the same/similar degrees. Most of them from similar backgrounds and social standings. What differentiates you from the crowd, is your EQ. 

Cognitive skills—verbal comprehension, memory, reasoning and processing speed, will help academically, but they will only get a person so far. To really go the distance, those IQ traits should be rounded out with social-emotional skills like motivation, perseverance, impulse control, coping mechanisms.

Your EQ helps you be perceptive of others, their attitudes, interact with others, as well as understand your own strengths and weaknesses. These are some of the main qualities of a leader.

But there’s more to this than just being a leader. Your EQ helps you label your emotions better, as well as regulate and deal with them. A higher EQ means being less prone to emotional outbursts, being able to verbalise your anger. It helps you empathise with the people around you, thus building stronger bonds. 

I’m not saying don’t develop your IQ, because it is still important to be smart. So read your books, get amazing grades! But don’t forget to work on yourself. Work towards being a more understanding, empathetic, mature human being. Work towards uplifting yourself while also uplifting those around you. Make friends from different walks of life, learn from other people’s experiences. Try to listen to your gut/conscience because it tends to know what the right thing to do is.

Let’s do our best to not be victims to an education system that places too much importance on a one dimensional education. 

Here’s to more all round development in 2019.

-Dipika Menghani

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