Balance is Key – Hardi Shah

“The biggest challenge was to manage my time” said Hardi Shah, who has emerged victorious in spite of every curve ball thrown at her. She is pursuing her Bachelors in Financial Markets from Jai Hind College and has consistently stood first and topped subjects in her class. As if that wasn’t enough she has also cleared her CFA Level 1 and was appointed as the Vice Chairperson of Events for “Entourage”, our department’s academic fest, and the Mumbai’s largest Financial Festival. Hardi, is a student of exemplary character, who does not shy away from working hard!

She began her journey as a shy girl, striving to leave a mark. When asked about her hopes and aspirations, she said, “I wanted to have a productive, yet happening college life” and she certainly did. “Kiran Joule by KC college was the first festival I attended with my class and I can never forget the feeling of unity and excitement we all shared. That is when we decided to have ‘Entourage’. Hence the journey began, initially with failed presentations and rejected proposals.” Despite, this journey’s tough beginning, giving up was not an option! Sheer hard work and display of strength in character led her to being elected as the vice chairperson of events at the end of her first year. 

“The second year quickly flashed by as we worked day and night for months at end. Handling such a huge responsibility was not easy for me.” , she said. She was also simultaneously preparing for her CFA exam without any kind of extra tuition or classes.

We asked, what pushed her to put in so much work, and excel at everything she laid her hands on!, to which she responded, “Motivation has always worked for me. I believe if one has the desire to win, they can tackle even the hardest of tribulations flawlessly”, when asked about the subject she least liked to study, to which she responded without a second’s thought “Ethics, no one has them, but we try our best.” 

Humans try to be as morally aligned as they can, but are usually led astray. Despite knowing what the right thing to do we ultimately choose what they desire. A sense of regret for having made that choice is bound to creep up on them in the future. Hardi’s biggest regret, in this case, was not taking up more internships than she had in her first year.  “If I would have managed my time correctly, I could have certainly taken up more than two internships.” She said repentantly. “College is like a shield that protects you from the world out there. Once you step out, that’s when you start to fight your own battles.” It is astonishing to know that a person with such caliber and achievements has regrets. It just goes to show that she is extremely perseverant, and aims to attain new heights wherever she goes!

-Hardi Shah

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