Why It’s Important to Look Beyond Your Degree

“Internships and Networking are the two most important factors which will help you in landing your dream job”, says Jaisal Singh Shergill, a Third Year student pursuing his Bachelors in Banking and Insurance from Jai Hind College. When Jaisal was in his second year, he understood the importance of networking and of expanding one’s knowledge about an array of different topics and subjects, not limited to the financial world. As a result, Concourse came into existence. This club has helped various students in understanding where their interest actually lies and equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills so as to emerge victorious in the corporate world.

When asked about the internships he had undertaken, he mentioned his work experience with Poonam Mahajan, a respected MP for whom he undertook the task of parliamentary research. He  was given topics that were to be covered in parliament, on the basis of which he was to ask questions, which may or may not get picked . It was an invigorating experience, he said, one that truly allowed him to understand how a country is run. His very first internship was with a Y combinator company, an incubator in the US, which picks the best startups in the world, the CEOs of such start ups are given the opportunity to engage with industry leaders as well as receive funding and advice. Jaisal thought of inviting the CEO of a Y combinator for a guest lecture, not knowing that this would lead to the beginning of ConCourse, his brainchild, which is a series of guest lectures where an industry expert comes forward and elaborates on their area of expertise. 

Jaisal has also garnered knowledge in different fields as he understands the need and importance of always expanding his knowledge in today’s competitive world. As a result, he enrolled for a three month course on Public Policy from Takshashila where he got the opportunity of interacting with several people in the system, i.e, politicians and civil servants. and learnt more about the economics involved in public policy. Having written his first research paper in the second year under the guidance of Prateek Sir, Jaisal has emphasized on the importance of the publication of a research paper and how it gives you an edge over other applicants. He urges a minimum of two research papers to write in your undergrad. 

“Jai Hind College is liberal, in the sense that one can voice his/her opinions freely and the faculty is supportive of each and every idea of yours”, says Jaisal, as to what sets Jai Hind apart from other colleges. Lastly, he advised the First Year students to not only concentrate on academically oriented activities, but to take up various internships and courses which would add a golden feather to their résumés and to take on challenges and opportunities which come their way.” Lastly, he added jokingly, “In order to survive in Jai hind college, stay in the good books of Bahadur bhaiya and Prateek Sir.”

Jaisal has been also been accepted into prestigious universities, namely The Hertie School of Governance in Germany, and Ashoka University. He has also recieved a placement offer from Ernst & Young’s Mumbai Office.

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