Fact-Checking Threats by ‘Anonymous’ to Elon Musk

With the uncertainties around us, another mystery that is yet to be decoded is that of the popular group ‘Anonymous.’ Anonymous is a decentralized internet hacktivist group known as the unknown face behind many of the world’s major cyber attacks on institutions of power. From governments to their agencies, corporations, and even the Church of Scientology – the group has spared none. While many interest groups and individuals see them as a messiah of the digital age, the institutions targeted by Anonymous consider it a menace for obvious reasons. True to their name, Anonymous’s internal affairs, functioning, and the members remain unknown. 

Earlier in June 2021, the group resurfaced in a new threat issued through a short video to none other than the Twitter sensation Elon Musk, through a series of facts. Musk, who is the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla ( and also a billionaire) was accused of having “carefully created a public image”, which was now being exposed.

While many of the comments by the group made on Musk were subjective (referring to him as a “narcissistic rich dude” with a “saviour complex.”) One cannot help but wonder about the authenticity of the other facts presented by the group. 

#1 Treatment of Factory Workers

The video highlighted the mistreatment of the factory workers at Tesla; from pain, lack of a worker’s union to them being reduced to a profit-making mechanism. This in turn is a confirmed fact as reported by many reputed newspapers. A headline from the Guardian reads, ‘Tesla factory workers reveal pain, injury and stress: ‘Everything feels like the future but us’, while another leading headline stated, ‘Elon Musk, Tesla are Pushing Factory Workers to the Brink As Profits Soar.’ Another point talked about the lithium mining undertaken by children in violation of numerous human rights as reported through ‘Blood batteries’ fuel the fortune of Elon Musk.’ 

#2 Tax Credits and Government Subsidies

Income inequalities increase when there remains an unequal distribution of wealth and it becomes the task of the federal government to address them. While Musk’s ventures have championed electric cars and space exploration, they have done so due to continued government subsidies and tax credits. Recently Tesla has also shown significant earnings through their investment in Bitcoin, all while Musk tweets. 

#3 Cryptocurrency Fluctuations

If one has to point a finger at a person responsible for massive cryptocurrency (specifically bitcoin) fluctuations, it would be Elon Musk. The whole world braced themselves as Musk was set to host the popular show Saturday Night Live because any comment of his on cryptocurrency would have caused fluctuations. The hacktivist group further address Musk’s link to stolen wealth, with his family formerly owning an emerald mine in the apartheid era of South Africa. (An accusation Musk has since cleared up in public.)

The objective facts presented do add up and make stakeholders wonder about the average factory worker or a person investing hard-earned money in cryptocurrency. It further highlights the unfair power dynamics under capitalism and the debate regarding the economics behind the wealth of billionaires. While we cannot be the judge, the video certainly holds up a mirror in reflection of the past narratives presented to us. 

You can watch the whole video here

Kamiya Arya

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