You have you, isn’t that enough?

Whenever you feel like giving up, trust me, don’t.

By giving up here, it means giving up on yourself, not on any other person, a relationship, or the job you always had on your wishlist. You can do all this if you have you!

Give yourself enough time to feel things, to feel if you are happy and satisfied with what you are doing to yourself, the answer to all your questions should come from yourself, the gut feeling, it’s never wrong. We hear our loved ones out, why not give a fair chance to hear you out. Bring back the Geet hiding inside you, who says “mai apni favourite hu”. Live up the moment, all you have is now.

We often feel that we are losing out on things in life but everything happens at the right time, whatever the reason may be. Don’t ever lose hope. It’s okay to make mistakes and crib for that later on, it’s completely fine to cry after excelling at everything possible on this earth, it’s okay to take time, to give it a thought, it’s okay to not be okay. Just hang in there, it’ll get better. Take up the risk, take up the course which made you doubt your potential, the responsibility you thought you couldn’t handle, the internship you look forward to, take it all the world has in store for you. Because you, my friend, deserve the world. Here is to accepting all the rejection, failure, closure, and shine out brighter than ever.

Manifestation is for real, what you think, you become. So think positive. It will bring out the best version of yourself. Include kindness and gratitude in your daily routine. Being thankful makes life a lot easier. Appreciate what the universe has in store for you not because it is all you have but because you have better than many people in the world. Life may seem difficult and impossible at times; when there is no idea of how the next months are going to be. If you will ever be able to see your dream college you got into but couldn’t actually visit, will life ever go back to normal again, will your degree be of enough value because you had to do it virtually and the self-doubt goes on forever, do not lose hope, everything gets better, sooner or later.

Start again if life was not kind enough in the first place, starting from experience is still better than starting from scratch. Sooner or later, it all works out. Colonel Harland Sanders(founder of KFC) failed 1009 times before succeeding, if he wouldn’t have taken the pain of starting again, the world would have remained unaware of his creation. So keep trying and do not ever let anybody tell you that you deserve any less. You deserve it all. 

You did not come this far to only come this far.

Because at the end of the day, you have you; isn’t it enough?

By Sakshi Pamnani

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