Human- A treasure box of invaluables

‘There is no greater journey than the one that you must take to discover all the mysteries that lie within you.’

Everyone is a human. Someone with dreams, values, experiences, emotions! We are all a box full of unique treasures waiting to be discovered. It is said that the greatest treasure that one can find in life is their self. The path to nirvana and self-actualization is by discovering and knowing oneself. All experiences in life lead to this one thing finding all the keys to discovering oneself. A person’s honesty, loyalty, musical sense, artistic skill, physical education, and intellect all can be key.

In history, saints meditated for years on end to concentrate on themselves so that they could realize themselves and get that treasure box.

Today all treasures are believed to be underwater, submerged at the base of the ocean. Maybe they are, maybe when we all go underwater, our eyes closed and all human sounds of the world muffled, we are able to actually think and live. We are able to feel, and we are able to achieve peace.

To discover yourself is often clichéd as going for a world tour, doing social work, or experiencing a life-altering event but I believe that one can discover themselves by the simple jobs of regular life too. They can discover themselves while cooking at home, working in the office, studying in school, traveling on a bus or in a car! You just need to listen to yourself and your instincts and these can be done anywhere and while doing anything. You might discover that you like the colour red because it reminds you of roses, you like wearing sleeveless as it feels like summer, you like finance because it simply gives you command over your own life.

We judge a person by saying. ‘that person’. We forget that ‘that person is not just an empty box, they are a box filled to the brim with dreams, emotions, memories, experiences, skills, values, and intellect. They have so much to offer. They just need a nudge and the jewels of the treasure box will flow indefinitely.

The way that a person can be the best version of themselves is by discovering themselves. Discovery does not happen in a second. It is not a race in which you have to come first. It is a continuous path that has to be followed. It has no start and no end. You can go fast and enjoy the wind or go slow and enjoy the scenery. It will happen automatically with time. It cannot be forced, it can only be embraced.

Discovering who you are today is the first step to being who you will be tomorrow.’

By Hritika Dujodwala

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