Disconnect to reconnect

In today’s world, especially after the pandemic, we are all driven by our desires to live a different life. A different life for many of us is not necessarily a life where we bring change. It’s where we start living the lives of different people. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+hotstar, and Sony Liv among many others are our sources of life. The lives of characters like Rachel Green, Harvey Specter, Ted Mosby, and Tokyo have suddenly become our lives. We binge watch for hours every day, often not realizing that we are missing out on our own lives or that the pandemic might just be coming to an end.

A study conducted by businesstoday said that Indians spent an average of 5 hours per day watching video content in 2020, more than the global average of 4 hours per day. Considering this and the fact that the maximum internet users are in the age group of 18-30, it can be concluded that the average streaming time of college students often surpasses 5 hours a day.

This can lead to many health problems which, by the way, the students are generally aware of, but the problem that they might miss is the time implication. Everyone is not a top shot lawyer like Harvey and to be like him one needs to learn, not just watch TV; everyone cannot find their perfect partner like Ted because fairytales are in books and one needs to actualize them to make sure they never end. Robbing a bank takes planning and in real life, it will lead to punishment. We spend so much time watching these shows and making them our life that we start missing out on our own life. We forget and get off track with the dreams of our perfect job, person, and activity.

This summer, with the world normalising, it is high time we take control of our life by taking our hands and hearts off those remote controls. We need to take a step back and see our own lives from a distance. We need to evaluate our lives and rediscover the dreams that we always wanted to achieve. It is time to make that bucket list, learn that song, speak that language, try that cuisine, and live that life.

How to reconnect? Simple, leave the screen, imagine the dream, plan the stream, and row into the stream.

Disconnect to reconnect- leave the screen and join the scene. You are the best person to see yourself. Often, when in the chaos of normal life especially in a restricted life of a pandemic, one loses oneself to the times and life of others. It is time that we all take a step back to see ourselves and our actions so that we can reconnect with our dreams and aspirations. The pandemic is ending but our dreams should be rising.

By Hritika Dujodwala

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