Inside IPL: Cricket and Business

Cricket’s fanbase across the world is estimated to be around 1 billion people, and guess what? People of the Indian subcontinent account for almost 90% of that population. So, that’s the amount of love for cricket amongst the people in India! And this is something that the Board Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has […]

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FedEx outbound from Bankruptcy

During the times of 1970’s, an entrepreneur named Fredrick Smith, having a graduate degree from Yale University and having a budding experience from Marine Corp. started a package delivery system based on the business model that he had presented for his paper in University.  FedEx (Federal Express) Corporation, placing itself among the top companies we […]

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Future of electric automobiles

Our country is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Industrial segments like the automobile sector, textile sector, and agriculture have grown since the nation’s independence. The support and conviction after independence  received from government and welfare schemes had given a boost to these segments for steady and progressive growth. Among these, the […]

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Victoria’s Secret is Out in the Open

Content Warning:  The following article discusses instances of body shaming, sexual harrasment, pornography, objectification of people along with racism and transphobia.  Fashion is the facet of life that adjures high scrutiny because, for many people, their self-esteem and confidence have a lot to do with how they seem to materialize. Fashion is an aesthetic expression […]

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Pride for sale!

In this age of social media influencers and the subtlety of stealth marketing, it can become difficult to check the legitimacy of a company signaling its support towards any movement. Who knows whether they are really embracing the campaign or just trying to keep a tight stranglehold on their market-leading position? Consumers in the 21st […]

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M-Pesa: A Wildfire in Africa

A ‘PayPal’ of Africa emerged in the continent in the year 2008. M-Pesa dates back to an era when most of the people in Africa were a victim of slow banking process and underlying money laundering criminals. There was a lack of smooth functioning of the banks and the corporates never looked at Africa as […]

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22000 Crore Tax Battle – Vodafone

The year 2006 marks the boom of the telecom industry worldwide. Many companies were widening their market reach and harping upon every opportunity in the way. This is the same growth period when BlackBerry phones started to roll out in India. Vodafone was one such conglomerate among many established big fishes which acknowledged the growth […]

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The years of the pandemic are the most gruesome years for the global economies. During this period, the global economy contracted 4-6% with most emerging markets contracting more than 10% from their previous GDPs. It was largely evident that all the economies in the world were going to suffer from a jammer crisis. However, just […]

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