Economic Superpowers : The Next Era

Over the past few centuries, the world has seen many revolutions. Those which totally changed the way people used to live; those which gave might and grandeur to some countries, and at the same time took that away from others. The Emergence of new economic superpowers is linked to such revolutions. Back in the 1700s, […]

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Crypto Chaos

Breaking News! Bitcoin plunged to $30,000 levels! Crypto investors lost a whopping $830 billion in the blowout few weeks ago! Almost every one of us has heard media calling out these headlines and crying out loud on the recent crypto crash looming all over the world, but did you know that this wasn’t the first […]

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Offshore Banking: Busted!

Reading a John Grisham novel was the first time that I came across Offshore banking. Needless to say, my first encounter with this style of banking involved a shady businessman, four black suitcases of money, and of course, an assassin. As I made my way through more thrillers (movies & books), I was amazed by […]

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Finance is an integral, interesting and inseparable part of our lives. An increase in financial awareness over the years has led a lot of people to invest in properties, gold, stocks, derivatives, bonds and other securities. Making an investment is one of the most important decisions in one’s life; and choosing a security can get […]


22000 Crore Tax Battle – Vodafone

The year 2006 marks the boom of the telecom industry worldwide. Many companies were widening their market reach and harping upon every opportunity in the way. This is the same growth period when BlackBerry phones started to roll out in India. Vodafone was one such conglomerate among many established big fishes which acknowledged the growth […]

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The years of the pandemic are the most gruesome years for the global economies. During this period, the global economy contracted 4-6% with most emerging markets contracting more than 10% from their previous GDPs. It was largely evident that all the economies in the world were going to suffer from a jammer crisis. However, just […]

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Clouds in 2020 – It’s Snowing money; breaking down the Snowflake IPO, and what it means

You know what they say about IPOs: When it snows, it blizzards. Investing a huge chunk of the portfolio in IPOs by retail investors is a rather risky deal as you don’t know how the company is going to perform. Will it be able to deliver its promise? If the retail investors are allotted all […]

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