The Fate of Estate

Estate planning is a broad category that includes wills, healthcare powers of attorney, living trusts, financial powers of attorney, nominations etc. Estate disputes are not uncommon. Most of the time the conflict arises from disgruntled family members who may have been given less than what they deemed their fair share or even left out of […]

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DOUBLE TROUBLE- The property tax scam!

Ahmedabad Mirror reported a property tax scam in early 2022. To our surprise, the AMC (Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation) had not reported it until 3 months after. Property taxes are credited to other people’s accounts in this scheme. The situation surfaced when the money paid for advance property tax was credited to other people’s accounts and […]

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“India to see K-shaped recovery as inequalities grow”: ex RBI governor “Pointers that India is witnessing a K-shaped recovery”: The Hindu “The politics and economics of India’s K-shaped recovery”- India News “Is India experiencing a K-shaped recovery?”: The India Forum We all have come across such headlines post covid-19 pandemic, but did we even know […]


The Fall of Stock Markets

Stock markets have long been a popular method to invest money. However, it is not as simple as it appears. For some people, the prospect of investing in the stock market may be frightening; nonetheless, the more you are ready to risk, the greater the return is expected. Investing is a game of gambling where […]

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Banking sector upheaval

Financial irregularities and some renowned cases associated with it surfaced in the past like Vijay Mallya’s money laundering scam, Nirav Modi, and Mehul Choksi bank fraud case have always been in the limelight since these activities have been reported. Obviously, these are not the only bank frauds that have happened in India. As per the […]

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Sri Lankan debt crisis

Ever wondered what it’s like to have your exams cancelled because there aren’t enough papers to print your question papers? Or to see your family’s monthly expenses shoot up 3 times? These are the situations faced by the citizens of our neighbouring country Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans are facing high inflation, huge dip in tourism […]

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