In 2009, P Sainath, a former Rural Affairs Editor of The Hindu, documented the plight of farmer suicides rampant in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. The 1-hour long documentary, dubbed “Nero’s Guests” draws a parallel between the Indian citizens, Indian government, and the mainstream media of the country with the Roman Emperor Nero and his […]


Disconnect to reconnect

In today’s world, especially after the pandemic, we are all driven by our desires to live a different life. A different life for many of us is not necessarily a life where we bring change. It’s where we start living the lives of different people. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+hotstar, and Sony Liv among many others […]

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AI & Education: what lies ahead

While teachers, psychiatrists, and parents dispute the amount of screen time is suitable for kids, another such rising innovation in the shape of artificial intelligence and machine learning is starting to modify education tools and organizations and reshaping what the long-term future may look like in schooling. As per the research Artificial Intelligence Industry in […]

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Human- A treasure box of invaluables

‘There is no greater journey than the one that you must take to discover all the mysteries that lie within you.’ Everyone is a human. Someone with dreams, values, experiences, emotions! We are all a box full of unique treasures waiting to be discovered. It is said that the greatest treasure that one can find […]

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Formula 1: Cash, Cars & Crashes

Formula 1 continues to be the passion of a vast majority of people. Over the years, it has evolved to be more than a sport- and an expensive one at that! Formula 1 has morphed into a huge industry and as religious monitors of this sport; we are accustomed to the infinite zeroes that turn […]

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My Worst Fear: Athazagoraphobia

Everyone in life fears something. Even the strongest beings alive fear something. There is no one in this world who fears nothing. Arachnophobia, acrophobia, trypanophobia, social phobia, aquaphobia, and thanatophobia are a few common fears. But the one thing people fear subconsciously is the fear of being forgotten. Athazagoraphobia or the fear of being forgotten is […]

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