Pride for sale!

In this age of social media influencers and the subtlety of stealth marketing, it can become difficult to check the legitimacy of a company signaling its support towards any movement. Who knows whether they are really embracing the campaign or just trying to keep a tight stranglehold on their market-leading position? Consumers in the 21st […]

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The European Super League: A Saga

Whether you are a football fan or not, you must have noticed the social media buzz about the European Super League that was announced in the past week! Here is what exactly went down. WHAT IS THE SUPER LEAGUE? The Super League is a new European Football competition among the top 20 Football Clubs comprising […]

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A Rekindled Relationship

For someone that doesn’t remember most of her childhood, I sure do remember one memory vividly, I was about four years old when my grandfather took me to my first bookshop, it was a small bookstore somewhere in Andheri, his first words as soon as we entered the store were “akshu, you can buy any […]

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Leverage the Lockdown!

Leaving the house not only implies endangering yourself, but also breaking the law and putting others at risk. It gows without saying that time, is the most important resource, taking timely action is the only solution to making the best of a crisis. Basically, you are stuck at home with no one to meet and […]

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EQ: The Underrated Counterpart

Many leaders talk about having high IQs, and good educations, and attribute their success to these factors. What they fail to realise is, they wouldn’t be where they are without developed EQs. EQ (Emotional Intelligence/Quotient) is the heightened awareness of others’ emotions, including your own.  Think of this- At a certain stage in your career, […]

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