Can The world trade without dollars?

Globalisation has made trading very easy. Today, you can buy and sell goods to anyone in any part of the world. When the USD became a global reserve currency as a result of the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944, it also meant that the USD was used as an exchange currency to buy and sell […]


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Budget Impact on Common Man

Pro-growth Budget with emphasis on capital expenditure and investments to power the country’s GDP. Key Highlights: No change in tax slabs. However, one can now file updated tax returns 2 years from the end of the A.Y. to correct the errors Relief to differently-abled persons wherein the payment of annuity/lump sum will also be available […]

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Economic Superpowers : The Next Era

Over the past few centuries, the world has seen many revolutions. Those which totally changed the way people used to live; those which gave might and grandeur to some countries, and at the same time took that away from others. The Emergence of new economic superpowers is linked to such revolutions. Back in the 1700s, […]

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Offshore Banking: Busted!

Reading a John Grisham novel was the first time that I came across Offshore banking. Needless to say, my first encounter with this style of banking involved a shady businessman, four black suitcases of money, and of course, an assassin. As I made my way through more thrillers (movies & books), I was amazed by […]

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Finance is an integral, interesting and inseparable part of our lives. An increase in financial awareness over the years has led a lot of people to invest in properties, gold, stocks, derivatives, bonds and other securities. Making an investment is one of the most important decisions in one’s life; and choosing a security can get […]